There are many reasons for someone looking to sell their home. It is not always an easy process and can be quite overwhelming. I am to facilitate the process for you, provide you with a fair market value, information on the latest market trends, as well as the best strategies to optimise both visibility as well as get the most for you in your pockets once all is done.
There are many reasons for why someone is looking to sell. During the time you will be selling your home, I am present for every visit, property inspection, walk through and notary appointment. In order to have a successful real estate transaction there are many moving parts. Working with me you will have access to my entire network or professionals which will be provided as needed.

My plan for you to successfully sell your home:

We will begin with an initial meeting; it is crucial for you to be able to visit your home and note all the properties of your home. This is a great opportunity for you to walk me through any renovations or updates that could increase the value of your home. I will then be able to provide you with a detailed current market analysis as well as your home evaluation with detailed steps as well as my offers of service and marketing strategies.
Once you are ready to put your home on the market, I will book my photographer to take professional photos to best represent your home as well as work on an attractive description. You can be as involved as you wish and I will be sure to have all approved prior to putting it live to the public. The timeline for me to work on this can be as quick as 5 days, or longer if needed. I will constantly be adjusting to your pace. Optional additional services can be provided if needed while preparing to put your home on the market, ask more about these services including home staging, house cleaning and or decluttering.

Once your home is on the market, I will handle all calls for visits and information requests. I always ask for a minimum 24-hour notice for visit requests and I am present for each visit.

With every offer that will come in I will present to you as well as provide you someone information on the interested party as well as insure, if applicable, that they are pre approved for the mortgage they intend to borrow. Along with each offer, I will provide my professional opinion as well negotiate for you to be sure we optimise the money in your pocket.

With an accepted offer there will be certain conditions to fulfill on behalf of the purchaser and potentially on our behalf as well as vendors. I will make sure that all timelines are respected, as well as be present during the home inspection with the home inspector.

Upon fulfillment of the conditions, the purchasers will send us their choice of notary. It is custom that the purchasers chose the notary as they are the ones who will be paying for the transfer of property title. Once I have the contact information for the mandated notary, I will insure that they have all of the information and documentation to be able to proceed with the deed of sale.

Finally, we celebrate the closing of this chapter and celebrate the beginning of a new one!

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