Moving to a new place can be challenging and scary when you do not live in the area. Whether you are looking to relocate from out of Province of Quebec or from out of the country, I will be your Quebec extension providing you important information as well as virtual visits and neighborhood walk throughs to help you find the perfect spot to call home. In order to have a successful real estate transaction there are many moving parts. Working with me you will have access to my entire network or professionals which will be provided as needed.

My plan for your successful relocation:

We will begin with our first virtual meeting, which typically takes about 45 minutes. During this meeting we will discuss all your criteria for your new home search, including neighbourhoods. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, you can ask any questions you may have as well as address concerns, if any. This initial meeting will allow me to have a better idea of what you are looking for and help me to set up your home search portal, a great tool that will keep us amongst the firsts to be alerted of new homes coming to the market with our set criteria.

Once you will start to find some interesting prospects, I will take care of arranging all your visits with your availability provided. All our visits can be done virtually, I will be sure to plan extra time to be able to show you a little the surroundings. All documentation for each property will be send to you prior to your visit for your review.

When you have found “the one,” we will write our offer together. This process will require a meeting where we will go over the contracts together and fill them out section by section. I will then take care of presenting you as well as your offer to the selected home representing real estate brokers. My job is to represent you best possible to bring our offer on paper to life. Given that you likely will not have seen the home in person, we can discuss how to include a walk through for you when you touch base locally.

Congratulations, you now have an accepted offer! Within our offer we will be indicating certain conditions and timelines to fulfill those conditions. I am here to guide you through each step and to ensure that we stay within our deadlines, as well as offer you my network of professionals as needed. I will be present at the inspection and if needed I can call in virtually for you to follow along.
Once we have fulfilled our conditions, we will now have to find a Notary to transfer the deed of your new home into your name. As a purchaser is traditionally your pick for the notary as you are the one that assumes the cost of transferring the title. I will be able to provide you with my list of reputable Notary contacts to help you with your choice if you do not already have one. If you will not be able to be in town during the time of the purchase, I can inform you of your options to do this virtually from where you are.
Lastly, congratulations! You are moving to Quebec!

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